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Saix: (On his desk writing the daily report until the the walls shakes and stuff fell on top of him) Dammit! Can't a guy get some work done here!!! (He bash open the next door to find Demyx rock'n out with the stereo on full blast)

Demyx: (Playing with his air guitar and rocking)

Saix: Demyx!....(the music was too loud for his voice to get through) Demyx!!!!!

Demyx: (Look up to see Saix at the doorway) Hey puppy!!!!!


Demyx: What?!

Saix: Turn down that music. It's too loud!!!

Demyx: What!?!

Saix: The music is too loud!!!!

Demyx: I can't hear you!!!! The music is too loud!!

Saix: Turn it (Demyx lower the music) down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Demyx: You don't have to scream.

Saix: Dem-dem. You know the rule...

Demyx: (Puppy eyes) C'mon. I really really want to hear this concert.

Saix: I don't care. I need to work.

Demyx: Oh puppy. It's the biggest concert it's starting tonight.

Saix: We have so much work to take care of and a silly little concert won't get things done.

Demyx: Oh c'mon.

Saix: Ask our leader.

Demyx: (Demyx spotted Xemnas just walking by) Superior! Superior!

Xemas: (Turns around) Yes?

Demyx: There is this I really want to go. And we never really have to the time off. So I wondering if we could all go. Just this once. Please.

Xemnas: Go? Where?

Demyx: Well...the ^&$&^$&$ Concerts is going on this evening. There will be lots of music. Food. And people...

Xemnas: People??? (Talking to himself) Maybe this will easier for up to collect some hearts.

Demyx: And games. And prizes.....

Xemnas: (Interrupt Demyx) All right. You can go.

Demyx: Really? (Cheering)

Xemnas: But take Saix with you.

Saix: Me? But...but....

Xemas: (Walking away and singing) ♫Hearts! Hearts! Glorious hearts! To fill up Kingdom Hearts.♫

Saix: Why me?

Later At The concert

Demyx: (Cheering)

Saix: Are we done yet?

Demyx: Puppy. Cheer up. It's rare that Xemnas give us a day off.

Saix: I rather be working.

Demyx: (Crying) I thought you would like this and we could enjoy things together for once.

Saix: ( Looks up) Wait...wait...wait...why are you crying???

Demyx: You don't like me. Or my music. You wish I were dead.

Saix: (Hits Demyx on the head) Where do you get a stupid idea like that?!?!

Demyx: (Cries louder)

Saix: Shut up!!!! (Annoyed) Fine we'll stay

Demyx: You really mean that? (Wiping snot with his jacket)

Saix: Yeah. Yea. Yeah. So who's the name of the group up there?

Demyx: Exactly!

Saix: Huh? What is the name of the group?

Demyx: Who.

Saix: The name of the group up there.

Demyx: Who.

Saix: The one we are listening now.

Demyx: Who.

Saix: The group playing right now.

Demyx: Who.

Saix: Stop that.

Demyx: Stop what?

Saix: That hooting of yours.

Demyx: But Who's on stage.

Saix: That's what I'm asking you. Who is on stage?

Demyx: But that's what I said.

Saix: You said who?

Demyx: Exactly.

Saix: So tell me the name.

Demyx: Who.

Saix: The name of the group.

Demyx: Who.

Saix: The group playing right now.

Demyx: Who.

Saix: Dem-dem. I'm this close to leaving right now.

Demyx: But puppy. Why are you mad? I'm telling you Who is on stage.

Saix: So tell me,

Demyx: Who.

Saix: The name of the group.

Demyx: Who.

Saix: The group on stage.

Demyx: Who.

Saix: The group freaking playing right now!!

Demyx: Who.

Saix: What? You don't know who is on stage?

Demyx: Of course. It's who.

Saix: But that's what I'm asking you.

Demyx: And I'm telling you the answer.

Saix: Wait. Start over. Is there a bunch of people playing music right now?

Demyx: Yes.

Saix: And are we listening to them right now?

Demyx: Yes.

Saix: And does that band have a name?

Demyx: Yes.

Saix: And do you know the name of the band?

Demyx: Yes.

Saix: So can you tell me the name of the band on stage,

Demy: Who.

Saix: The people playing up there.

Demyx: Who.

Saix: Up there?!!?

Demyx: Who.

Saix: The ones with the instrument!!!!

Demyx: Who!!

Saix: Dammit! That's what I wanted to know!!!!

Demyx: Why are you getting mad? I'm telling you the answer.

Saix: Who is on stage?

Demyx: Yes.

Saix: Who is?

Demyx: Yes.

Saix: Oh. So the name of the band is Yes.

Demyx: No silly puppy. Yes is not even at this concert.

Saix: Then who is on stage?

Demyx: Yes.

Saix: Who is?

Demyx: Yes.

Saix: That's exactly what I said. Yes is on stage.

Demyx: No no. Yes is not here. We're listening to Who on stage.

Saix: Why are you asking me for? You're the musician around here!

Demyx: I'm not!

Saix: Wait...Roll back. Do you see the band up there?

Demyx: No I don't see the The Band. That's an entirely different group playing right now.

Saix: On stage. Look see the band.

Demyx: No. I don't.

Saix: Stop toying with me. Look. Right there. There is the band.

Demyx: No. That's not The Band. The Band is performing later on. Who is up there now.

Saix: You tell me.

Demyx: Who.

Saix: The name of the group on concert.

Demyx: Who.

Saix: The god-dam freaking group on stage!

Demyx: Who.

Saix: Dammit! The band!!!!!!!!

Demyx: No Saix. The Band is performing later. Right now we are listening to Who.


Demyx: And I'm telling you. We are listening to Who.

Saix: THAT'S IT!!! I'M LEAVING!!!! (Saix open a portal and left.)

Demyx: Wait....

Back At The Castle

Saix: (Stomping around in the castle hallway) Stupid concert.

Xemas: Oh. Saix. You're back early. Who was playing at the concert?

Saix: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Slam door to his room)

Xemas: Was it something I said????
Abbott and Costello parody
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Nobody is attending the concert!
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This made my day XD oh the things people come up with for band names :iconrockonplz:
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HAHAHA thats awesome !!!! :3
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